Sprint… FYI

I always loved Sprint but switched to AT&T in order to get the iPhone. I have been less than impressed with the iPhone and had decided to switch back to Sprint. I phoned Sprint and got my account set up and all ready to switch back only to fail the identity theft screening question. Apparently I am not who I say I am….

I find it more than a little hard to accept that while I have excellent credit Sprint would decline me because I don’t know the year of a Subaru I owned 10 years ago. I mean I don’t even know the year of my current Saturn.

And while I know my father is in his 70’s  I am not sure of his exact age and two of the multiple choice options had 70’s so I may have guessed wrong.

And then when asked which of the 4 streets I lived on my answer was none of the above and the woman asked several times… my answer still being none of the above which tells me Sprint has some bad information since I know I am who I say I am.

Sprint needs to find a better way of screening people against identity theft if they think I am not me… Sprint failed the test, not me. But I am told they can try again in 60 days.

Oh and you can bet I am posting this everywhere… Twitter, Facebook, blog…everywhere!

Last I checked,
Mary Murphy

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