Well, it’s official…. I am fully addicted to Wood Firing. I love the whole process from meeting new interesting people to staying up all night keeping the fire going and finally unloading the kiln and discovering some amazing results. Aside form building the pieces, firing the kiln is an art in itself. The way the fire moves though the kiln depositing ash on soft curves and the extreme heat then melts the ash to a glass glazing the pot in beautiful patterns formed by the natural movement of fire and ash through the kiln.

The kiln we used here belongs to Tony Moore of Cold Spring, NY. It is an Anagama  – Noborigama Kiln and it is beautiful. I am already excited to get started on pieces for the next   firing in June!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

It’s official…


A Day Off…

Finally A whole day off. I am going to play around with 3D then retreat to the basement where it’s cool and mix some glazes 🙂 It’s going to be record highs today near 100 with heat index feeling like 110. I don’t know I think they just invented a way to make it more dramatic for ratings. I mean it’s like saying 60 is the new 40. No it’s not! 60 is 60 and 40 is 40 WTF. 100 degrees feels like 100 degrees. hot. muggy. stifling. I love it!

Playing around with Ceramics…

I have been toying with formulating my own glazes. So I made a bunch of test tiles in three different clay types. Then I jumped into mixing up some glazes from raw materials. I mixed an Ash glaze and a matt glaze. I them took each of those base glazes and dove right into colorants… assuming of course that my base glazes were good…..

As you can see in this photo I had an awful lot of failures. but I whipped the books back out and dove back in.

With round #2 I was so sure I had worked out all the kinks that I went ahead and did new test tiles with a new Matt a new Ash and added a gloss and a mottles glaze. I then Glazed a bunch of pots with a few successes from round #1. Fully confident they would look the same as they did with round one… why wouldn’t they right? Unless of course with a shake of the hand that .3% manganese becomes maybe 5% and mottles blue turns to gunmetal black… awesome.

I am kidding of course , it sucked. But still I can’t wait to mix up round #3! 🙂 Pictured here are of course the few that came out OK. Next time it’s going to be great!!!

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Just Finished…

ClementinesI took so long to finish, all the clementines went bad and went out of season. I had the base painting done but had to finish the clementines by memory – not recommended. Next time I will take a photo in case the scene goes south before I’m done 🙂

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