Playing around with Ceramics…

I have been toying with formulating my own glazes. So I made a bunch of test tiles in three different clay types. Then I jumped into mixing up some glazes from raw materials. I mixed an Ash glaze and a matt glaze. I them took each of those base glazes and dove right into colorants… assuming of course that my base glazes were good…..

As you can see in this photo I had an awful lot of failures. but I whipped the books back out and dove back in.

With round #2 I was so sure I had worked out all the kinks that I went ahead and did new test tiles with a new Matt a new Ash and added a gloss and a mottles glaze. I then Glazed a bunch of pots with a few successes from round #1. Fully confident they would look the same as they did with round one… why wouldn’t they right? Unless of course with a shake of the hand that .3% manganese becomes maybe 5% and mottles blue turns to gunmetal black… awesome.

I am kidding of course , it sucked. But still I can’t wait to mix up round #3! 🙂 Pictured here are of course the few that came out OK. Next time it’s going to be great!!!

By bluedawg Design Posted in Fine Art

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