two thumbs down for Google

I am so disgusted with Google. I have always maintained the importance of ethical SEO practices and I just found out I have been blocked from Google search results. They don’t tell you why. They just tell you to review their webmaster guidelines If you determine that your site doesn’t meet these guidelines, you can modify your site so that it does and then submit your site for reconsideration. They don’t tell you what to do if your site does and always has met these guidelines. Bahumbug Google, two thumbs down for practicing unethical banning practices.

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4 comments on “two thumbs down for Google

  1. I’m surprised to here that. I haven’t had any problems with my website so far. Sorry to hear 😦 Maybe you could try to change the title in the html to more specific keywords. I actually never heard of SEO until my boss last week asked me if I knew what it was. I ended up looking it up on and they actually show you how to find the best keywords that google will automatically search for in a search engine. I forgot the website but they have it on If you type in SEO you’ll find the video tutorials. Maybe they’ll have the answer there for you? Or have you tried taking your site off line and then putting it back online again? Not sure if that would work but it’s worth a try.

  2. Thanks Ian, I’ve been doing SEO for years I know what it’s all about, which makes Googles decision even more surprising since I KNOW I’m not doing anything unethical. I think it might be because I have two domains pointing to my site & If that’s the reason then they are, I believe, becoming a bit too dictatorial. To give up either would hurt my business.

  3. Is SEO that complex? This is just a general question. I’ve been watching the tutorials on Lynda and it seems pretty straight forward with the html.

  4. Well, don’t forget we’re not just talking about SEO but rather what Google judges to be ethical and unethical SEO practices. Also SEO does not end with putting a title and meta tags in and submitting your site to be crawled. You can really polish the content and find ways to link to and from relevant content and then theirs twitter and facebook accts… etc. If you think about it it’s all about algorithms of how useful your site is to the user who visits it from a Google search, and how much traffic you get. so there are many ways people have come up with to trick the google bots into thinking the site is a treasure trove of pertinent information so they will get higher ranking then their competitors.

    It gets tricky when you do something you learned on Lynda and then find out Google deems it unethical. For instance on a Flash site where you use the alt content area to describe the Flash content so the bots have content to crawl – even thought what is within the alt content is what is on your site Google deems that unethical practice. teaches you how to do it but I just read on Google that they frown on the practice. I don’t have that in my site now but I know I did that with my last site. And that may be what I was blocked for. Even though the content I put in the alt tags described the content of the Flash piece.

    so yea it gets tricky.

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