For my techy friends… Check out these very cool HTML5 Demos:


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Author unknown…

The best journeys answer questions that, in the beginning, you didn’t even think to ask.


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John Berryman Quote

The artist is extremely lucky who is presented with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill him.

John Berryman


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Google and Flash

Google says they have “Greatly improved” their Flash indexing but I have yet to see any such results. They also say that they can not read the text in a .swf if it is loaded using javascript which is currently the way most flash developers embed flash today. Without the javascript the flash embed code is so long the Google bots would bounce anyway so I feel like they want to say they are indexing Flash but really they are not.

But it’s good they are working on it 🙂

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bluedawg’s latest review…

by Jodie Delohery
Web Design Director, Taunton Interactive

“Mary is my go-to person when I am in a crunch. I know she will be fast, creative, and get the job done with minimal explanation and without a lot of back and forth, all amounting to a good value. Mary is one of those designers who “gets it.”

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two thumbs down for Google

I am so disgusted with Google. I have always maintained the importance of ethical SEO practices and I just found out I have been blocked from Google search results. They don’t tell you why. They just tell you to review their webmaster guidelines If you determine that your site doesn’t meet these guidelines, you can modify your site so that it does and then submit your site for reconsideration. They don’t tell you what to do if your site does and always has met these guidelines. Bahumbug Google, two thumbs down for practicing unethical banning practices.

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