What if I don’t want to give every posta title

It was hard to get the wood burning stove lit this morning, but alas I am victorious!

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4 comments on “What if I don’t want to give every posta title

  1. you don’t have a heater?
    And I can sympathize with you regarding your dell laptop. I sometimes use my moms dell pc and at times it is slow. I didn’t know you had an Xbox. That’s cool. lol.

  2. Yea I have heat. But I love using the wood burning stove when I am home. Also cuts down on the heating bill. I am committed to leaving the heat at 50 all winter and using the stove to supplement. Will see how that goes.

  3. P.S. I wrote to Rich schupe about action script classes. He says he and Zevan are putting together a schedule now and he’ll keep me posted. You want me to let you know if I hear anything? I checked SVA’s schedule and it seams they cancelled all of their Advanced Action script classes. For now I am working from a book and that’s pretty good actually.

  4. They cancelled their advanced as classes? Why? That’s weird. People were taking them. Yea def keep me posted. The wood burning thing sounds like a good idea. I used to work at a publishing company where they used a fireplace to heat up the office during the winter for economic reasons.

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