So it’s day one without my computer (sent it to apple for repair). I’m using my Dell PC which I’ve only ever used to check websites that I have built on a PC to make sure they appear correctly. I thought since I’d be using it I should install McAfee Virus software… so 40 bucks later I have a one year subscription and a download and install that took forever. After install my computer slowed right down to a crawl. So I uninstalled it and I’m, back up and running. Also I thought I might be able to stream Hulu TV from the PC to the XBox but thatwas a flop too. XBox won’t see my computer. I think it has to be running windows Vista. Either that or it was that damn Mcafee software. I wonder why you can’t get interner right on your TV through XBox since it sees the network and it gets netflix so it must be able to talk to the internet….

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