Advantages of remaining a free agent

Was excited to get my new portfolio site out there. Hmmm – but the job boards well, seams there are less jobs out there than ever. My search returned less than 5. Not encouraging. I’m glad I have some stuff going or I’d be really scared. I see it as an opportunity to keep learning and keep growing. I’ve worked in a few places where the people have been there forever and it’s not hard to see the advantages of remaining a free agent.

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5 comments on “Advantages of remaining a free agent

  1. What would the advatages be though? Would the advatages be that you aren’t jaded and working on your skills as much because you get so used to doing one thing? Or that they might hate their work environment but as a free agent, you don’t have to deal with that stuff? Even though I’ve been doing this for a while, I’m still pretty new at it. From my experience so far, the only positive thing and great thing in my opinion about working at a company is a steady pay check and not worrying about where your next job will come.
    I do agree with you though that there seems to be less jobs out there than usual. I do see it as an opportunity to take advantatage of because now is the time to learn and grow as much as possible before the economy gets better.

    • Yes, there is not nearly as much creative growth. When you are an independent you have to know a lot more in order to be marketable. As an independent you get exposed to many more situations and often have to work harder to prove yourself than those who are comfortably secure in there positions. I found that even the comfort of a full time position is an illusion as you can still be let go at any time. When you work independently and begin to rely on your own abilities there is a freedom and security knowing that you can survive on your own. It just takes a little time and a lot of luck to build up that momentum.

      There are creative shops out there that have awesome teams that continually challenge and inspire each other instead of seeing colleagues as competition. I have the good fortune to be working with such a group right now but even they are a little “comfortable” in there positions. There is a general feel of malaise about projects. It is hard to even get feedback sometimes.

  2. Yea thats what I figured. With one of my part time jobs right now, I am slowly trying to push myself in learning more about web programming but a part of me also doesn’t like the job because it’s generally pretty boring. I don’t really get to be creative most of the time. That’s why I try to do my own work on the side so I’m still growing as an artist and graphic designer. My only problem is that I do feel it is important to be in a creative environment where you can learn from other people. That would also be a main reason why I would want to work full time somewhere. I am fortunate that someone I work with is a web developer so if I have any questions, I can always ask him.

  3. I am considering taking a part time job that will be kind of a waste of my talents, but if it is a steady two days a week then it can help me scrape by when I am slow… so that might be worth it. It’s a long drive for me though 1.5 hours – yikes. I don’t know.

  4. That’s funny because that is how one of my part time jobs is now. One of my part time jobs is twice a week, only 4 hours each day. It’s generally pretty boring but occasionally I do get to do some creative stuff. Right now they are letting me design some logos for upcoming events.

    I’m not sure if it’s worth it for you if you have such a long drive. Then again, if it’s only twice a week, it might not be that big a deal because you don’t have that type of commute everyday. I guess it depends o how desperate you need the job.

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