designers vs / developers

Why is there such a rift between designers and developers?

I believe I have entered into each relationship with developers with a genuine openness towards collaboration – eager to put our very different skills to one end and produce shear genius. Much to my dismay I have found developers across the board unwilling to collaborate. It is there show and we are not welcome to it. There are a few exceptions (I can only think of one).

Why is this so true? I feel I go about my business doing my job and being despised by my developer co-workers. I have been told by one of them that it is because What I do is very visual and so I get all the accolades while he toils away unable to show off his talents. OK I can understand this – sounds human enough but … really? So if this is true than it is because they are insufferable, children being overwhelmed by immature impulses. This can not be true across the board. What are your experiences in this area – I’m still trying to figure it out so happy to hear if anyone else has input – especially you developers out there – what’s the deal?


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